Robotics Software

Algorithms for Robotics

Robust and efficient algorithms for robotics applications are essential for building and running complex robots such as humanoids. Since 2007, the Simox robotics toolbox has been continuously developed in order to provide a solid software basis for the robots of the ARMAR series. The C++ libraries contain algorithms for robot modeling, collision detection, inverse kinematics, grasp and motion planning, a rich toolset for visualization and several ready-to-use examples.

More details can be found here: Simox Overview.

Robot Software Frameworks

With ArmarX, we developed a consistent robotics framework which is used on the ARMAR robots at H²T, KIT. The framework offers many standrad components which are needed to run a complex robot systems such as a humanoid robot. In particular, perception (VisionX), robot memory concepts (MemoryX) and a generic robot programming interface (RobotAPI) are provided as configurable building blocks of a robotics software environment. High level robot programs are realized by hierarchical statecharts, which can be accessed via graphical editors.

More details are here: ArmarX Overview.